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About Tangerine

Tangerine is a collective of dance projects that embrace and reflect the zest and essence of life stories and cultures, through flavorful passionate dancing, juicy thought-provoking choreography and refreshing artistic collaborations.

Since 1986, I grouped my choreography under Marie Alonzo Dance Projects. Today, I want to identify my works and dancing with Tangerine, as I enter a new phase in life, Welcome new dance influences, and explore new movement vocabulary around prevailing and evolving strengths.


Growing up in Rome, Italy and inspired by the palpable passion in Italian arts, culture, and people, I seek bold dancers who move with organic ease, understated elegance and sensual athleticism.

Believing that arts give authenticity to an issue, a story, a culture, a life my works seek to evoke the honesty of that voice with choreographic intelligence, craftmanship, and innovative movement.

Collaborating is a meaningful and enriching way for artists to take imaginative chances and learn from other genres. These collaborative opportunities are teamwork efforts with risk-taking goals and a united creative vision.